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My name is Abigail White and I am the owner of Abigail White Co., a graphic design company based in Manchester, New Hampshire. I have been designing for 3 years, but my company opened it’s doors in summer of 2016. I didn’t always want to be a graphic designer, mostly because people told me that going to school for the arts was a waste of time. However, after trying a few different avenues, I found myself back in design work, and loving it!
I can’t tell you all of the secrets to being a good graphic designer. Because if that’s what you’re looking for then this isn’t the right field for you. If you’re here because you can’t imagine a life where you’re not creating and designing, then this might be right for you. I am doing this because it’s what I love to do, and creating a visual that represents my client’s unique vision again and again never bores me. I love talking with people, I love getting to know who they are and what their business is, and I love hearing everyone’s unique story behind the graphics they want me to create. If this sounds like something you would love to do, pursue it. If not, I encourage you to find something you feel just as passionate about. Life is too short not to be doing what we love. I have found only happiness, success, and opportunities in the field of design, and I believe anyone who is passionate about it can too!

To learn more about me and my work, you can visit