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Just like in any field of work, when interviewing for a job an employer wants to see determination, passion and commitment. When you enter a creative career such as graphic design it is a hugely competitive field that can come with many knock backs before the highs, so you need to have confidence and believe in yourself and your work so that you can maintain all the other characteristics an employer is looking for.

When I started looking for work as a designer in London I had to think outside the box. I had to be creative with my CV to show passion. I chose to be personable and not just send out blanket e-mails that showed lack of enthusiasm. To show my determination I was willing to work for free to get my foot in the door and then once in I worked incredibly hard without complaining, just showing gratitude and commitment. It is a field of work that you must always remember you are easily replaced. Learn from others around you so you can grow.

After a few years working in London I decided to move to Sydney, Australia. Just because I already had experience didn’t mean I was going to get too big for my boots. I knew I had no contacts here so again I had to do what I did when I first started working in London and I was willing and determined to do that. Had I not been willing to I would never have ended up in a role that lasted five years.

Determination, passion, commitment and believe in yourself. If you maintain these you will be sure to break into the field and just remember that every set back is a lesson, so pay attention, learn from it and grow.