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I am Anamika Mishra, author of bestselling English fiction novels and one of the most read lifestyle/travel bloggers. I am also a motivational speaker and often deliver talks. Blogging is my full time job and I enjoy it to the fullest. People think doing blogging full-time and making money from it in order to earn a lifestyle is very difficult. I agree, it is difficult but not impossible. When I started blogging for the full time, I had no one to guide me... but for you, I am here! I can help you understand the beginning process of blogging, industry myths, industry secrets, process to work with brands and make lots of money just by doing what you love.
I have guided over hundreds of aspiring bloggers and am glad to say, that they are earning more than that of regular people doing 9 to 5 jobs. I am living a life of my dreams (touch-wood) and I can surely help you
live yours. Hope to help you soon!