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Lifestyle blogger and freelance writer

Being a blogger and freelance writer gives you the freedom you want to make your own schedule as well as being flexible in the place that you want to live. With my job, I’ve been able to travel for months at a time because my office is remote. With a position as a blogger and writer you do have to wear multiple hats. You are a writer, editor, photographer and stylist for your site. To do a position like this, you need to have self-motivation, be organized, and set attainable goals for yourself. I can offer you advice on how to break into the world of blogging and freelance writing. I can also provide you with tips on learning Search Engine Optimization which is crucial if you want to be a top influencer in blogging. Finally, I will offer my advice on how to build connections with influencers, how to build up a strong social media presence and how to start monetizing your blog. You can see samples of my work at