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Hi there! I am Vance Axl Haynes and I started blogging when I was 17 years old. I am a lifestyle blogger based in the Philippines. To tell you, being a Lifestyle Blogger is really a great opportunity for you to interact and as well as earn income at an early age but this career is certainly not just a piece of cake. It requires communicating skills and other skills such as photography skills and even writing skills. Coming up with a topic is another challenge that you would be facing as you venture this career. Let me share you some tips in thinking of the best topics you can post to your website. First, the topic you should choose must be relevant. You ought to know what type of audience you would want to have. If you want the teenagers, you certainly need to post an article with a topic that would catch the interest of the teenagers such as beautiful spots to go to, how to choose your best outfit, what to wear during summer, and also share some tips when it comes down to photography. Why? Because teenagers nowadays are so engaged with fashion, photography, music, and travels. If you would be posting topics in relation to those categories I have given, surely, you would be able to catch the attention of your targeted audience. Second and last, choose the topic within your area of interest. Certainly, it would be hard to construct an article or content if your interest is not in the topic. To be much more articulate and make a great post you should be able to make sure that the topic is really in your area interest and everything will follow.

In lifestyle blogging, you should post at least 2 articles or blogposts per week and be active by replying to comments and as well as linking your blog site to your social media accounts so that you will be exposed. At first, it would seem very hard but as you go on it would be very light and easy for you. The only thing that you should do is to post and post, be active, and engage with a lot of people through social media accounts, and always share your contents online. To gain more website traffic, as I have said, your website contents should be interesting and catchy and as well as add something to your website that would be unique. Link your website to all of social media accounts and never stop posting and sharing it online. Based on my own experience, I post the visual content of my blogpost on my social media accounts such as Instagram and Twitter and use hashtags to share and let other people know about it. Right now I have 32,000 total visits on my blog and I have been receiving various offers already through email. Perseverance is the key! Have a good day!

If you want you can follow me on Instagram: (@axlhaynes) and Twitter: (@vanceaxlhaynes) and also take a time to visit my blog site: for you to get some ideas on how I post my contents online.