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I have been a fashion blogger for 2 years and it has been the best opportunity I have given myself. Being a fashion blogger is starting your own business. You promote yourself and your skills on a daily basis through your social media post, writing on your website, and the creation of your style through products and photography. Everyday I push myself to be better than I was the day before. In this industry it is important to encourage yourself and stay focus on your goals, because majority of the time you are working alone. To break into this business my advise I tell everyone is to just start! Try your best to not get wrapped around the logistics of having a blog, for example deciding on a blog name can take weeks or months if you don’t know a title already. As soon as you have the desire to become a fashion blogger begin by writing on one topic and I promise if you stay consistent everything will come into place. Be sure to check out my blog at! I hope you find it encouraging and inspiring to start your own blog or maybe talk about a subject you have interest.