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Graphics designer

Freelance Graphic Design​er​ and Event Planner
I love working freelance. I get the opportunity to work on fun projects while picking and choosing according to my schedule. Before planning on a career as a freelance designer, how confident are you? The first few years in this business you will need to get very, very skilled in marketing your business and finding clients. You will also need to wear a variety of hats, including accountant, web designer and job hustler, among others. And in order to stay motivated as you’re learning how to run your own business, you really need to love the work.

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I’m a self-employed graphic designer and special events planner living in Austin, TX. I have a fine art career as well, so freelance design has certainly helped me maintain a studio outside my home along with the flexible hours so I can create. In regards to event planning, I am co-founder and President of the Board of an annual month-long printmaking festival, which I am very passionate about.