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Are you thinking about becoming a lifestyle blogger, living the fabulous life of traveling, fine dinning, working with your favorite brands but don’t know where to start? I will teach you 4 steps to not only start your blog but also start generating money from it. Social media and technology are evolving faster than ever while traditional media is slowly dying, this means utilizing an online platform of your own is the best investment in this century and I will assist you step by step in the process of generating money from your blog!

I started blogging as a personal hobby, it has always been my passion and interest and it drove me to where I am now. The result of living the life I love is so simple that everyone can do it, too. I am eager to help and share all of the information and lessons I have learned, it is only a phone call away. My professional areas include getting your own website, setting target market, creating valuable contents, generating traffic, collaborating with brands, as well as everything PR to transform your blog valuable, hence, generates profit. You will be able to customize what you want to learn from me to achieve most efficient result! More about me: