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Graphics designer

My start in Graphic Design began when I decided I needed specific skills to pair up with my Business Marketing Degree from Iowa State University. After searching through various options, I found graphic design to be the best of many worlds.

Choosing Graphic Design means choosing a very flexible career path - it can be done freelance from any place in the world or it can be incorporated into all types of job situations. One of my jobs early on was as an event planner and although it wasn't part of my job description, I began redesigning our registration forms, posters, website, etc and the result was increased registration and a promotion!

To extend my skills, I joined the Manitoba Editors Association - an inexpensive education in editing and writing and an opportunity to network.

If your goal is to eventually freelance, you can start building a client base after hours by joining non-profit organizations. Although they aren't high-paying like corporate or government, you will develop strength and confidence in your work as well as new contacts. The decision to freelance was easy since my husband has medical benefits and a steady pay check, so you will want to keep this in mind before stepping out into the freelance world.