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My name is Diana LoMonaco. I started my career in graphic design back in 2005 upon graduating college. I worked as an Art Director at Macy's for 6 years, creating advertising and packaging for their private brands. During that time, I had started to freelance in my free time. Just a few hours a night, turned into several hours and client referrals. Soon, I was working my full time job from 9am to 6pm and then coming home to my freelance clients. In 2011, I decided it was time to leave my full time job and start my own business. As a creative person, this was exceptionally fulfilling, because I wasn't working for just one company anymore, I was working with many different industries on a daily basis. From fashion, to fitness, to food -Every day was something different and exciting to create! My advice to someone who wants to get into graphic design is to never stop looking for creative outlets. If you are stuck in a job that doesn't allow you creative freedom, take a class, work on a project solely for your portfolio....Stay inspired in any way you can!
I am happy to answer any questions about how I went about getting clients to begin with, what I majored in college, how I even became interested in design, why I still love it, and so much more.
I am an open book, and would love to help in any way I can!

My web portfolio can be seen at