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When you hear that someone is a "graphic designer" you may not be sure what it is exactly that person does. Graphic designers are the creative thinkers and doers behind anything that involves image and type. If you look around right now you'll find at least a dozen examples of graphic design--that Coca Cola label, the brand name logo on your shirt, the layout of that magazine... The diversity of this creative field is what attracted me but also can lead to a bit of confusion. If you are a creative thinker like myself and consider the computer your second best friend, then you are already halfway there in the decision making process! My advice to any young person interested in the graphic design field is to keep a keen eye on your surroundings at all times--why do you like that movie poster? Why does a San-serif font work better for this menu vs. a serif font? What mood do certain colors evoke? Just dive right into whatever it is about graphic design that inspires you and incites curiosity. Each moment of the day is a chance to become a more acute designer. is a terrific resource for creative inspiration and awe-inspiring projects. For a glimpse into my design world, check out my page