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Graphic design is a lot of fun and it works the best if you make it your lifestyle. Surround yourself with good design and talk to people with good skills. It is a very creative profession therefore you have a chance to create something completely new to the world. If you are just starting out as a graphic designer I would recommend to do research - go to museums, get to know art/design history and familiarise yourself with current trends. Then you can observe what successful designer have done and are doing now. It is also good to walk around your neighbourhood and look at the surroundings in a creative way.. notice the corners of roofs, shadows, colour combinations, compositions etc - often we find inspiration in the most unexpected ways. I also recommend you to figure out your 'niche' or what makes you special. See what you have done the best and try to develop that route. If you are stuck with anything, just look at some successful graphic design pieces and try to create something similar with your own touch. If you are passionate you will get very far.

About me:
After freelancing for a while I am now working in a creative design agency as a junior graphic designer specialising in luxury properties in the heart of London.