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HOW TO FIND PHOTOGRAPHERS. Fabulous photos for your portfolio are an essential to booking quality jobs and getting signed to an agency. Companies need to see that you are versatile, and they need to be assured that you can pose well and sell their product. Finding a photographer that can capture you the way you want to be seen is incredibly important. The perfect place to start looking for photographers is Instagram. Go figure. Follow models, and look at who shoots with them. Start small, and work your way up. Networking is a hugely beneficial habit for you to get into. Always build up friendships with other models and photographers, and they can help you get some work. Returning that favor is also a great way to keep friendships in this industry strong. (: A client is usually more likely to give a job to a models highly recommended friend than a random girl off a casting website. You can also go on Model Mayhem and search for photographers in your area. This will be more difficult for those of you who reside outside of California, but there are talented photographers everywhere, so I’m sure you can find someone. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, RESEARCH THE PHOTOGRAPHER AND ASK AROUND ABOUT THEM BEFORE YOU AGREE TO SHOOT WITH THEM. I recommend bringing someone to the shoot with you, especially if you are a minor. I still occasionally bring someone with me to a shoot with a photographer I’ve never worked with. This rule mainly goes towards photographers who want to shoot you solely for their book. If you’re shooting with a clothing company, its almost always a safe and professional environment. Remember, if you don’t feel safe, LEAVE. Don’t worry about not getting paid, your safety is much more important. Now I’m not trying to make modeling seem like a dangerous or sketchy career, but with any job exercise caution and common sense and trust your gut.