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Are you considering taking on the design field? The best way to break into the design industry is to get an internship fresh out of college. You may be thinking, "but if I can nail a full-time position–that's even better!". I disagree. Putting in the time as a design intern allows you to understand the kind of company you want to work for and where you will be the best fit as a designer. Will you thrive in an agency, large brand, start-up or perhaps freelancing? You may feel like you have an idea of what you'd like in school but I guarantee your thoughts will change once you've gotten the experience. I thought I was going to love working for large corporate brands but I ended up feeling like I was a small ant in a big ant farm. I would have never guessed working with small startups in my own community and around the country was my passion. I had to work for an agency, large corporation and small lifestyle brand in order to realize I had an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to be a tool for other entrepreneurs like me! I always knew I was supposed to go into the design field but I don't think a lot of people think about how many roads you can take once you get the title as a designer. You may get the title as a graphic designer but still not feel fulfilled or like you're living out your full potential as a creative. I know a lot of people who didn't want to "waste time" doing internships and wanted to dive right into their career! A lot of them are happy but a majority feel trapped because they have been molded for one specific role for one specific company and now don't feel like they can branch out to other opportunities. Take the time to do internships as a designer. Don't just do what you "think" you'll enjoy–really mix it up! Maybe you specialize in print for one internship and the other you are focusing on UI/UX and web. I always thought print was my niche but when I got the challenge to take up a mobile design project it completely changed my 5 year plan. You will have a higher chance of getting the job you'll love to wake up and go to everyday if you take the time to explore your options in the field first. It will take time but this will keep those "what if" thoughts from popping up when you're getting your morning coffee at the office–or perhaps your favorite local coffee shop. Happy designing!