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Graphic Design can be an extremely challenging, but ultimately rewarding career. It takes patience, practice, and a lot of trial and error. You certainly don’t come out of college knowing all you need to be a successful designer. Truly successful Graphic Designers NEVER STOP LEARNING. They take the time to read industry publications, stay up to date with new industry trends, learn new software and stay up to date with current software improvements. They take the time to dedicate a small part of every day to learn more, even if it’s just fiddling around in a design program and trying something new. Some designers are lucky enough to get a job shortly after college. But most design graduates spend a year or more once they graduate taking freelance jobs to build up their portfolio. Your portfolio will be the most important tool in your design career, and just like current trends and your knowledge of the field, should be constantly changing, growing, and developing. It is the tool that will show potential clients and employers what you are capable of, and will speak of your talents more than any degree! So, remember, never stop learning, and never neglect building and maintaining your portfolio.