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Graphic design is a field that is constantly changing and growing. The need for design is at an all time high making it a very profitable vocation. No time is better than now to start building up your portfolio and staying current with the industry design trends. A business's key to success is staying above it's competitors and design gives them that must-have edge. I encourage you to dive into an internship and dig out your pencils. You don't need to wait til college to begin exploring this wide-ranging field. Design starts with a sketch! As a professional designer at KAY Kelso, I communicate visions through design innovation and proven marketing techniques acquired through through hands on experience and customer interaction. My passion lies in helping non-profit organizations and starter businesses/blogs succeed with beautiful print media and unique company branding. What will your design focus be?

Thanks for letting me share a little bit about the world of graphic design; let's set you up for success!