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Lifestyle blogging has quickly gone from something that can be a fun hobby, to a very financially and personally rewarding career. The amazing thing about blogging, is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home, with just a laptop.
After having been a blogger on ‘Confessions of a Sober Essex Girl’ for nearly four years, a lot of companies have approached me to blog for them professionally, but have also taken into account my range of social media skills and asked me to run these channels for them also, which has prompted me to start my own company ‘Hashtag Group Ltd’ which does just this.
Here are some tips to get you started:
Don’t get confused about technical details
Try and start off small with a free blogging website, and then pick up technical details as you go along. Don’t overwhelm yourself when you first start.
Be creative
If it turns out not to be often you get to go and do things, or shop, or try new products, think outside the box and have regular features that you can use. ‘Top tens’ are always great content, and so are wish lists.
Spread the word
Use all of your social media channels to spread the word. Look at other bloggers and try to gain their followers or target the same audience, but in your own unique way.
Talk to other bloggers
Far from being competitive, like people would assume, blogging is actually a really friendly environment. Making friends with other bloggers is a great way to learn about local events.