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Do what you love, even if it takes you some time to figure out exactly what that is! I actually started out as a Fashion major because most of my life was spent channeling my creativity into sewing and designing clothing and accessories. However, I discovered my true potential in the Fine Arts / Graphic Design world and switched majors, switched schools, and crammed a four year art degree into two grueling and completely satisfying years. Hard work definitely pays off, but it won't feel like work if you love it.

Since then, through nearly a decade of diligence and an obsessive-compulsive nature, I have harnessed my penchant for details & organization for the sake of successful, creative design. Despite my rural New Jersey upbringing and even snowier Applied Media Arts education from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, I am guided by the bright lights of the big city, thriving in small team environments with big name clients.

It doesn't matter if you attend a big university or a small college. It doesn't matter if you design for a global client or a local business. The key to a successful career is passion, personality, and YOUR PORTFOLIO.

Keep things fresh and never stop having fun!