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I began my college career at the University of Arizona studying business administration. I have always been able to bring the business perspective into my everyday life, however I quickly realized that my true passion was to create and change how user’s experience objects they interact with.

I transferred to Art Center College of Design, where I was able to push the boundaries on the execution of UI/UX design. I created a prototype of a medical device that could detect cancer in people early on through scanning their retinas. This project featured in the Pasadena Now newspaper, and awarded a grant from NCIIA to further the research and production.

I am currently the mobile product manager where I manage and maintain product feature roadmaps for mobile applications. Through this experience, I have managed 6+ native mobile applications and 10 websites through the entire product development life-cycle.

Tips about the business:

Find your passion. Become an expert in it. Then find the job that allows you to do that, plus learn & grow more.
You should never feel stuck in a job that you do not love.
You might love what you do, but can't relate to your current project you are working on.. and thats ok. You will end up taking away more from that project and bringing the new insight into a project which the topic you are more comfortable with better.
It's ok to ask for help!
There is no such thing is to much feedback, you just need to learn what feedback is helpful and when to use it.
When beginning a new project, determine if the project is scope based or time based. This will help when tougher decisions have to be made down the road.