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My name is Regina Daniels. My real life experience has many roller coaster during my BA program until I got accepted into a Ph.D. program at Argosy University. I started out in a dance program at the University of Maryland. Previously, I started out at Gallaudet University during my freshmen year and was recruited to join a dance company. Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. is mainly for deaf students and some hearing students. Gallaudet Dance Company taught me many things about dance academic programs outside of their school. When I looked into expanding my dance major, I decided I wanted to receive a BA in dance. University of Maryland in College Park, MD was available to me and I was accepted into their school. Columbia College Chicago accepted me into a MA Program for Performance Arts Management. While attending Columbia College, I joined a few dance companies to take classes and joined Jump Rhythm Jazz Project for a year. It was an amazing experience for me to work with them. I learned that dancing was not my only passion; I had another calling to teach ASL. I started to teach at Columbia College as a part time instructor and worked my way through to a full time position at California State University, Monterey Bay.
What made me become who I am today as an American Sign Language Instructor is that I believe that each student is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which the students can grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, and socially. It is my desire as an educator to help students meet their fullest potential in these areas by providing an environment for their growth. There are three elements that I believe are essential to establishing such an environment: a) being a teacher and a guide, b) developing and allowing students to explore their ability in learning, and c) promoting to respect of others.

A) By being a teacher and a guide, I will continue to introduce American Sign Language primarily. Students will have an opportunity for hands-on activities in the classroom such as teaching all of the goodies, having regular review quizzes, incorporating history and culture, modeling variations of signs, providing guided practice opportunities, giving students small group interaction time, and letting them ask whatever questions they have.

B) Developing a curriculum that will allow students to learn and speak Sign Language as well as teaching each other. The opportunity for students input is one way to learn and to generate ideas and goals. The curriculum would encourage students to master the skills and to reach their goals through the semester.

C) Understanding the desired sign language proficiency goal is probably one of the most important aspects of learning well for the deaf culture. Students will understand the history behind deaf culture. Students will have the opportunity to share new signs, and become aware of deaf language. American Sign Language has made steady gains in respectability, and is often the language of choice for those that were born or became deaf before learning English. Signed Exacted English (SEE) has more connection to English, though American Sign (ASL) is now used.

In addition, other than teaching American Sign Language at Columbia College, I had an opportunity to develop my abilities by working with Mr. Crom Saunders, Mr. Peter Cook, Dr. Jim Vanen, Ms. Diane Gorman, and Ms. Carly Flagg who are full time faculty at Columbia College. They gave me an opportunity to gain my skills in the real world that would allow me to use what I have learned through academics and teaching. I was able to apply them to develop my objectives, curriculum and strategies for my students. I strongly feel that my ambition in teaching is the most important key for the Teaching and Learning field and this will allow me to work as part of a team with my peers.
My goal is to increase the knowledge in Teaching and Learning for Education in College or University levels in ASL. Your program will give me a way to prepare to perform more effectively in leadership and mastering teaching in theory, developing curriculum and prepare the current educational practice.

Overall, my philosophy in teaching Education has made me efficient and successful. My goal is to contribute my knowledge and experience in Higher Education those who strive to learn. My interest in performing arts management has led me to sign up for several courses at the Columbia College Chicago and to pursue my doctorate degree at the Argosy University for Teaching and Learning.