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Floral designer

Tips to break into the floral design industry-

Start studying design and find a flower shop or studio to work for- even if it’s only a few hours a week. Hands on experience is very important. Combine floral education and hands on experience to open up your opportunities big time! The more you design, the better and faster you’ll get. My dream was to work on the Rose Parade and for extremely high end designers in Los Angeles. I was offered a job in LA, and have gotten the opportunity to do incredible design work here. My experience includes designing for the Rose Parade, celebrities, award shows, high end hotels, LA County Fair Flower and Garden Pavilion, and some of the best designers in LA. On top of that, I now own my own business CREATE Floral Design where I teach floral design and design flowers for weddings and events.
Take pictures of everything you make! If there isn’t a picture it almost like it doesn’t exist. People will always want to see pictures of your work in this industry.
Learning the principles and elements of design are key to having a strong foundation to make beautiful designs. Learn about flower varieties, different design styles, when certain flowers are in season, and their temperament.
It’s a fun industry that requires a lot of hard work. It’s also incredibly rewarding because floral design is always evolving. There’s always something new to learn and try. Along the way you’ll develop your own unique design style and voice!