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Graphics designer

Freelance Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur

I’m Tina Malonis, owner of, and also very passionate about my other creative interests in fine arts and nutrition.

My design experience has evolved from working as an art director in consumer advertising, to publishing, and eventually to pharmaceutical advertising over the last 25 years. The internet has completely changed the landscape for design opportunities. Asking what your passions are, might help you to navigate along the way.

Freelance design has given me the flexibility to develop my other passions of wellness and fine arts. After working consistently as a designer for many years, I branched out into my other interests and attended culinary school in NYC, while still freelancing as a designer. I also developed my painting on the side through continuing ed classes at night, financed by my design work during the day.

As a creative person, your journey begins when you get out of college. My advice would be to enter the work field as a sponge for learning. Set goals for yourself every year, and find mentors you can learn from. Having a positive attitude is really important. Your hard work, curiosity and desire to keep learning will help you to find your authentic self.

My other websites are for personal chef work, for health coaching and for painting. I created these sites using WordPress, and I continue to dive into the ever changing technology out there.

My design foundation helped me to learn solid skills working with type, branding, color and communication, which can lead you to endless opportunities. Some of these are app design, web design, art direction and even starting your own business.

Learning skills as a designer can give you a strong foundation to develop your passions wherever they may take you. Enjoy the journey!