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"My name is Yvette Cruz, born in Chicago and currently residing in Seoul, South Korea. I created in January 2013. I graduated from The Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago,IL. Being born and raised in ChiTown and having majored in Fashion Marketing and Management, I broke into the Chicago scene and gained experience in the fashion marketing and media world between 2001 - 2008. While in Korea, I dove into the Korean fashion industry scene achieving some modeling experience and features on blogs and magazines while teaching ESL.

DistrictGal has collaborated with independent international fashion leaders pursuing global reach, along with filmmakers, photographers, models, and more. This is a brand I aspire to build on the basis of creating a mix of fashionable journal-like style. I strive to showcase personal style, high-end and affordable styles for both men & women, and to share artists of all backgrounds to create a forefront for social fashion bloggers, designers, events, on this online mag-style photo-library. It's like Pinterest except there are stories tied to the pictures!

Fashion and lifestyle is what I've always been attracted to. I always knew that I wanted to be apart of the creative world, and I'm discovering new opportunities throughout my journey. I'd love you to share in it with me!"